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Area Development
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Bromont Caters to Microelectronics

Location Canada (Mar 09)
When companies are looking to tap into a strong microelectronics cluster, they set up shop in Bromont, Québec, an important part of Canada’s microelectronics cluster, with major brands like DALSA Semiconductors and IBM calling the town home.

IBM has operated a plant in Bromont since 1972. Since then, the plant has undergone continual growth, fueled by creativity and innovation. IBM’s Bromont facility employs about 2,500 to manufacture semiconductor components. Reliable electricity is a critical piece of the puzzle for IBM.

“Québec is an excellent location for low energy costs and green power at attractive rates that allow an energy-intensive operation to do business efficiently,” says Raymond Leduc, a director at Bromont Manufacturing IBM Canada Ltd. “We also have access to a motivated, dedicated work force and access to the U.S. market. It’s an ideal gateway for companies that want to bridge the European and U.S. markets.”

Bromont is also home to Technoparc Bromont, which is known for its green spaces and pro-environmental practices. The park focuses on microelectronics, nanotechnology, MEMs, renewable energy, new materials, R&D centers, technological industries, and head offices. Sixty-seven percent of the employees in Technoparc Bromont have postsecondary or university training, 40 percent are bilingual, and the park is less than an hour’s drive from nine universities.